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Jessie is a freelance Illustrator  who received her Honours Bachelor of Applied Arts in Illustration from Sheridan College. She is known for her strong line work and love of textures. Believing that art is more then just a form of expression, Jessie uses her skills to convey important issues as well as personal growth. 

Jessie is currently living in Southern Ontario, Freelancing and working at Niagara College teaching Illustration in the Graphic Design program.

Currently Jessie's passions have moved her towards exploring the symbiotic relationship humans and nature share. She is working on a series of pieces depicting this relationship and looking forward to showcasing her work. 



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The Process

Using traditional media such as nib pen and ink, Jessie creates engaging drawings with an element of spontaneity that can not be duplicated digitally. Once the drawing is complete, Jessie transfers her work to digital format to add textures and colours to further the enchantment of the illustration.