Fox and the Cradle

Fox and the Cradle is a commission created with the theme of parenthood. A set palette and overall theme of wilderness and animals was the idea behind this piece in showing the love of parents for their children.The piece will be hung up in a nursery and has given me great pleasure in creating it. 

I was extremely eager to start the project and settled on a set of thumbnails quickly. Moving forward I found inspiration in the environment around me and took photos. Working off of my own library of photography I started working immediately in ink. With a selection of techniques used with ink and traditional fountain pens. 

After the original piece was finished on 22x30 inch watercolour paper. I scanned the image and started to edit the illustration with my own personal library of textures in photoshop.

Every step of this commission was very enjoyable and satisfying. Looking forward to creating  even more pieces!